Monster Sweeperz Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Tanks, Chests, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Monster Sweeperz Tip# 1: Main Characters.

Ready to go? It's Hunting Time
Fire Cannon:
Shoots multiple bullets in straight lines.
Allows highly accurate attack

You can't dodge my arrows!
Forest Archer:
Shoots arrows on all sides
Has wide effective range.

Have you ever been hit by water? It hurts!
Water Shaman
Shoots exploding magical orb
Inflicts damage on multiple enemies.

Monster Sweeperz Tip #2: Jackpot Chests.
Raffle up and test your luck with these Mystery boxes! Don't forget to use your daily free keys!
Each time somebody opens up a chest, the number displayed under will decrease.
Don't forget! Once the jackpot is won, the odds will be reset to 100
Open up any of the 3 chests.
The Fewer the number of remaining chests. the bigger your chance of winning the jackpot will be!
Don't forget to claim your daily free keys! You can always stack up your keys for later.

Monster Sweeperz Tip #3: Tanks.
Assault Tank
Basic model ideal for rookies
Greatly increases skill damage.
HP Potion loot success rate +.

Shield Tank
Protects from major damage.
Periodically decreases damage from critical attacks to 1/4. Tank HP +.

Recovery Tank
Excels in HP recovery.
Incrementally recovers HP every 8 sec
HP Potion loot success rate +.

Invincible when destroyed.
When destroyed, becomes temporary invincible
Fires main cannon and Tank HP +.

Monster Sweeperz Tip #4: Other Important Tips.

  • Leader Effect is only applied to a member that meets Attribute and Class requirements.
  • Powerful Bosses await at the last stage of each zone. Be prepared for a tough fight!
  • This is a secret: Touch two separate spots, and your party will split.
  • Bombers blow themselves up when they get near your Tank.
  • Character class info are located at the bottom left of the character icons.
  • Stubborn as they are, Spirits can only shoot in a straight lines.

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