Royal Pirates Cheats: 2 Best Tips for Attacking and Defending with Best Deck, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Pirates Royal  vs Clash Royale Counter Parts
Piratesses = Archers.
Sharkman = Swordsman.
Berserker = Prince.
Arrows = Arrows
Crosbow-woman = Musketeer
Grenadier = Bomb Skeleton.
Big Fellow = Giant.
Cannon Ball = Fireball.
Sedna = Witch.
Dragon = Baby Dragon.
Enforcer = Mini Pekka.
Minion Horde = Minion Horde.
Swindlers = Spear Goblin.
Lightnings = Lightning.
Barrel with Surprise = Goblin Barrel.
Burglars = Goblin.
Admiral = Valkyrie.
Portal = Goblin Hut.

Newbie Deck for 3 Stars
Big Fellow for Main Tank.
Sharkman for Mini Tank.
Enforcer for Anti Tanks and Glass Cannon Troops.
Piratesses and Crosbow-woman for Range Attacks & Tank Support.
Arrows and Cannon Ball for Enemy Mobs.
Dragon for Mini Tank and Tank Support.

Strategy For This Deck.
The main purpose for this deck is to go to king pirates tower for 3 star wins.
However, this deck is all about countering all decks possible for low tier arenas making it a very good defensive deck.

Royal Pirates Tip #1: Offensive Strategy.
You should deploy atleast 1 Tank, preferably Big Fellow for more HP. Followed by Piratesses or Crossbow-woman or both and you should deploy the Dragon for higher chances of destroying the enemy tower.
If the push isn't enough, you can try again with Sharkman since your Big Fellow might not appear suddenly in your deck rotation. You can also swap or change your Range Support Troops for better push.
If you repeat this cycle, your enemy will be pressured enough to defend and they may deploy more troops just to defend their tower making them waste more potions.
If the enemy doesn't have an arrows, you can safely deploy Piratesses. If they have an arrows she has a good level enough to survive Cannon ball's damage.
If the enemy has both arrows and cannon ball. You don't need to worry about because it will cost 7 potion just to kill your range support. Dragon, Sharkman and Bigfellow will survive and can kill the enemy tower and low potion enemy troops.
If the enemy doesn't have a flying troops, you can swap Piratesses with Enforcer for stronger push.
If the enemy has a DPS troop like Enforcer or Berserker, Your dragon and supporting troops will take care of that and you can replace your Tanks easily since your rotation only have 2 Ground Tanks.

Royal Pirates Tip #2: Defensive Strategy.
Enforcer and Sharkman are your best defensive troops while Arrows and Cannon Ball are your best defensive spells in this deck.
If the enemy has a Big Fellow, just deploy Enforcer, it can kill Big Fellow quickly. You just need to protect your enforcer with Sharkman or other troops.
If the enemy has a Big Fellow with other troops at the back, just use your spell wisely! If they have Burglars, Swindlers, Minions, Minion Horde, just arrow them if they have another nearby troops. If they have Piratesses, Crossbow-woman or Sedna, just Cannon Ball them.
If they survive, you can drop dragon if their tanks has still have high HP or otherwise you can drop arrows and make your defensive troops kill the enemy tank.
The Goal is to spend your potion wisely when defending, and this deck is very good at utilizing all cards with its rotations.
If you manage to spend less potion than your enemy. It is very easy to counter push when the enemy push is done.