Skyforce Unite Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Game Flow, Card Combos, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Skyforce Unite Tip #1: Game Play.
This is a turn-based simulation game where your characters fly airplanes to go on expeditions and take on missions.
Customize your planes, complete your missions and try to create the perfect 5-star team.

Skyforce Unite Tip #2: Game Flow.
Go on expeditions and complete missions to earn money and collect items, increasing your fame and raising your team's rank.
New locations and missions will be unlocked as you go up in rank.

Skyforce Unite Tip #3: Make a Leader.
The first thing you need to do is make a leader character.
The job you choose will determine the jobs you can switch to, the skills you can learn, and the way your character develops as he or she levels up.

Skyforce Unite Tip #4: Alignments.
Some enemies will take a large amount of damage from weapons of a certain alignment.
When selecting weapons, if a circle is displayed for the enemy, it will cause more damage to them.
A triangle or X indicate reduced damage.

Skyforce Unite Tip #5: Card Combos.
- If you play a card with the same color as the previous one, you will charge an aura.
- If you play a card with the same number, your attack will be strengthened

If your expedition was a success, you will get a reward.
The fewer turns you take to clear a map, the bigger the reward.
You will also get a special reward if you clear all of the clouds from the map.

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