Station Manager Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Trains, Routes, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Station Manager by Kairosoft

Station Manager Tip #1: Station Manager.
This is a simulation game in which you develop your very own train stations.
You can build a huge variety of trains and facilities, letting you create amazing stations that brings a smile to everybody in the land.
Once you've built up one station, you can change maps and start creating another.
Challenge yourself, aim to get the high score, and take 1st place in the rankings!

Station Manager Tip #2: The Flow of the Game.
Start by setting up facilities on your platform.
Then, when it's starting to feel a little cramped, extend the platform and spread out.
If you feel like your trains are too short, you can lengthen them by adding more cars
You can also expand by building extra platforms.
If you install high-quality facilities, you could become a major station that hordes of customers come to visit.

Station Manager Tip #3: Your Station.
Aim to build a station that lots of people will Want to visit.
For starters, Watch out for the number and quality of the installed facilities, as these are likely to have a positive influence on customers.
If the quality of your facilities is high, the town's population will increase, which is advantageous to the development of your station.
Look at customer trends and develop your station accordingly.

Station Manager Tip #4: Your Trains.
The trains that your customers will ride on are very important to the development of your station.
Speed - The speed at which the train cars move.
Passengers - The number of passengers a train car can carry.
Frequency - The time between trains on this route.
Customer base - Changes the age range, number, and type of passengers who visit your station.
The routes than run through your station will also affect these parameters. Matching train cars together will give you a bonus to the frequency of that train.

Station Manager Tip #5: Routes.
If you match your train cars, it will have an effect on the customer base and the frequency of the trains.
There are underground and overground routes, so make sure to match the routes with the location.
Accumulate route points through investment in infrastructure research. When you install new trains and replace cars the fares will rise, as will the sales of tickets.
Also, if you run the same route for a long time, it will enhance the value of specialty products throughout the station, and will also have a positive effect on seasonal events.

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