Tennis Bits Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Serve, Perfect Shot, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Tennis Bits for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Tennis Bits Tip #1: Serve.
Mastering on how to perform Serve is important in this game.
You can easily perform aces if you can hit the perfect shot when you serve.
You can also get aces doing great shot but perfect shot is almost guaranteed as long as your player rating is far better than your opponent's player rating.
If you can land aces from serving, it will shorten the match as soon as possible.

The first serve will be yours, the second and third serve will be for the opponent, the rest will take turns for 2 serve.
If you can land aces for the first, fourth and fifth serve. You will get atleast 3 points.
Let's assume you cannot get atleast 1 point from opponent's serve and you get 3 points from your first 3 serves.
The score will be 3-2, you should atleast get 1 point from opponent's serve and protect your 2 serve to win a match.

It is better to get atleast 1 point from opponent's serve and protect your serve to win and shorten the match.
It is much easier to win a point from your serve, as long as you have a better Player Rating than to your opponent.

Tennis Bits Tip #2: Perfect Shot.
If you can hit Perfect shot on your serve, it has a higher chance to land aces.
However when you receive a serve from your opponent, it will be difficult to perform perfect shot.
Executing a Perfect shot to your opponent will make them difficult to respond and they may perform good shot only, so you can respond back with another perfect shot to increase the chance of getting a point.

Tennis Bits Tip #3: Stun.
You can also stun your opponent by a chance if you execute a perfect shot. Fortunately, your opponent cannot stun you with their perfect shot.
A stunned opponent cannot move for a few seconds and after that, they can move slowly for about 1 second.
After you stun the enemy, you should land a point before they can recover from a stunned state.
It is easier to land a stun when you execute a serve, that is why serving a serve is much easier to get a point.
You can also exploit the duration of the stun if the next serve is yours. If you land a stun and get the point with your 1st serve, you can immediately serve your 2nd serve and it will have a higher chance that you can get another point because your opponent will still recover from a stunned state.

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