Zombie Overkill Cheats: 4 Best Tips in Weapons, Chests, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Zombies Overkill 3D Tip #1: Chests
There are three type of chests.
Silver Chest, Super Chest and Golden Chest gives Bucks and Weapons.
Silver Chests are free but you need to wait for 3 hours to open it.
Don't miss Silver Chests! You can upgrade and get weapons for free!

Zombies Overkill 3D Tip #2: Epic Weapons.
There are three types of Weapons. Common, Rare and Epic Weapons
It is easy to upgrade Common because you will get Common Weapons at Missions, Free Silver Chests.
But the Epic Weapons are powerful even at low levels.
Save your money to buy Epics in the Shop, Epic Weapon when Upgraded well can make your missions a lot easier.

Zombies Overkill 3D Tip #3: Skills.
There are 4 Skills Tree available which has a label for different skill tree.
These are DEF, ATK, AGI and SPE.
DEF, ATK, and AGI help you ingame. However SPE can help you earn cash, exp and crate more!
Since this game doesn't have a playing time limit eg. Lives, Energy etc. You can play whatever you want.
You don't have to worry about your Offensive/Defensive skills because you can play and earn coins at anytime.
Coins and Gold will help you on improving your INGAME while SPE can help you earn more cash, exp and crate!

Zombies Overkill 3D Tip #4: Snipers.
Sniper Weapons are the BEST weapon in game.
It has a high damage that can kill zombies at ease!
It has a long range and you can exploit that to avoid being hit by zombies.
It can hit multiple zombies at linear projectile.
It can destroy cars, barrels etc easily because it has a high damage. Destroying those things will have an explosion and can kill a lot zombies in it's area of explosion.
It has a Pretty decent Cart/Ammo because of it's decent fire rate and high damage.
It can kill Zombie Boss easily compared to the other weapons because Snipers are good for 1 vs 1 Zombie Fight.
You don't need secondary weapon if you have a good Sniper specially if it is a Rare and well upgraded.

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