Arcane Quest 3 Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Attacking, Inventory, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Arcane Quest 3 Tip #1: Attack.
To perform an attack, both characters roll the dice.
The number and color of the dice depend on each character's equipment.
Count the number of swords for the attacker, and the number of shields for the defender. Add the base attack and defense values, which depend on the character statistics.
The difference between the attack and defense results is the amount of health points that the defender character will lose.
Special effects are only applied if the attack or the defense are successful.

Arcane Quest 3 Tip #2: Inventory.
This is your consumable items inventory.
Each hero can carry a limited amount of items.
This limit can be increased by purchasing new belts at the blacksmith.
The items in your inventory are lost when you complete a quest.
If you purchase a chest for your guild, you will be able to keep some of them for the next missions.
When the inventory window is open, you can still switch between your heroes to quickly check their inventory.

Arcane Quest 3 Tip #3: Search.
When you are close to a searchable item, you can double tap on it to search.
Chests usually contain better prizes than others, but you may also have a bad surprise!
If you are close to a visible trap, you can try to disarm it.
To disarm the trap, you will roll the special dice, and check the result:
— The trap is disarmed, and you receive a gold reward
— The trap exploded, your hero loses some health
— Nothing happens
Remember that disarming traps costs one action.
Your hero won't be able to perform further attacks during this turn.

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