Auto Warriors Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Level, Dealer, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Auto Warriors Tip #1: Objective.

There are many ways to play the game, but your overall goal is to become the greatest Auto Warrior in the land! Some players may decide to focus on the Campaign, and try to uncover the whole story about the feuding Baron’s and the post apocalyptic world, while others choose to take on players from around the world and see how high up the PvP leaderboards they can reach. Whichever way you enjoy playing the game, rewards and progress will all help you buy new weapons and vehicles, and upgrade the capabilities of your items. All paths lead to becoming a legendary Auto Warrior!

Auto Warriors Tip #2: Workshop.

The Workshop let’s you customize the load outs for each of the chassis that you own and upgrade the individual items’ stats.

The main Workshop screen gives an overview of all of your currently equipped chassis, and let’s you review their load outs from a single screen. There’s also a button that enables you to dismantle the entire car build in a single press.

If one of your car builds is invalid (caused by exceeding weight limits, not having an engine or wheels equipped, or having no weapons attached), then this is represented by an exclamation mark displayed next to the invalid build.

You can choose the items you want to equip to your build by pressing the button that refers to the category of load out you want to edit (Car Parts, Weapons, Gadgets). Tapping the slots displayed over the car allows you to choose which items are equipped there.

Auto Warriors Tip #3: Dealer.

When you visit the Dealer you can buy and sell car parts and weapons, open Mystery Boxes, as well as trade the salvage you’ve collected to create Weapon Kits.

Items can be viewed by selecting the “Vehicles” and “Weapons” buttons at the bottom of the screen. Within these sections items can be filtered further based on their type and characteristics.

While viewing items on these screens you can view all of their various stats and capabilities. Selecting an item allows you to view its info in greater detail, compare its stats against other items, and purchase it (if you have enough Cash or Gold). Items that you own can be sold to the dealer for Cash.

The Mystery Box and Trader buttons at the bottom of the screen take you to their areas

Auto Warriors Tip #4: Player Level.

Your Player Level unlocks items in the dealer, makes new game modes available, and represents your overall progress through the game. The Player Level is set by your XP total. XP is awarded for success in many of the game modes and completing Daily Events (accessible from the slide out menu on the Home Screen).

If you hit the level cap, then XP is not awarded from events or tasks until it is raised, however all other rewards are still given in the normal way.

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