Bike Factory Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Profit, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Motor World: Bike Factory for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Bike Factory Tip #1: Building.
Hold your touch for one second over a bike to display the Bike details.
A Bike requires a several parts to be completed.
Continue to build it, until it moves further on the assembly line. Tap again to build the next part.
As the bike moves along assembly line, it frees space to build a new one.

Bike Factory Tip #2: Work Points.
WP stands for Work Points. It indicates the amount of work required to produce a bike.
Each part requires different amounts of Working Points to be completed.
When a part takes too long to be built, you can use a speed up.
There're many ways to improve building speed, you can upgrade workers, hire more staff, upgrade your factory.

Bike Factory Tip #3: Quality Check.
Before we can release a bike to customer's we need to perform a quality check.
The quality influences your image and will directly impact the profit you can make per bike.
There're many ways to improve your quality, you can upgrade your workers, use items on them and many more.

Bike Factory Tip #4: Profit.
You can reduce or increase the selling price, it will impact your profit and the demand accordingly.
Lowering the price boost demand, increasing the price boost profit, but increase selling time.

Bike Factory Tip #5: Donuts.
You can buy more donuts for your workers, and increase your donuts bar size to get more daily free donuts.
Increasing your donuts bar offers you a free full refill of donuts.