Card Wars 2: Kingdom Cheats: 9 Best Tips for Creatures, Fusion, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Adventure Time Card Wars 2: Kingdom by Cartoon Network for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Card Wars 2: Kingdom Tip #1: Collecting Creatures.
You can get new creatures by purchasing them at the Treasure Cave or by defeating opposing creatures in battle.
Sometimes, they will drop chests that you can keep.

Card Wars 2: Kingdom Tip #2: Creature Elements.
Each of your Creatures has an element that defines its strengths and weaknesses.
Pink is Nicelands. Green is Swamp. Blue is Plains. Yellow is Corn. Tan is Sand!

Card Wars 2: Kingdom Tip #3: Nicelands Creatures.
Nicelands creatures specialize in outlasting their foes through healing and beneficial buffs for their teammates.

Card Wars 2: Kingdom Tip #4: Sand Creatures.
Sand Creatures are tough to kill! Their abilities are centered around taking hits and returning the damage back!

Card Wars 2: Kingdom Tip #5: Plains Creatures.
Blue Plains Creature's Cards allow them to leach energy and devastate enemies with Magic attacks.

Card Wars 2: Kingdom Tip #6: Corn Creatures.
Corn teams are heave hitters.
They will crush your opponents with massive drag attacks.

Card Wars 2: Kingdom Tip #7: Swamp Creatures.
Swamp Creatures can apply status effects that cripple your opponent and deal damage over time.

Card Wars 2: Kingdom Tip #8: PB's LAB..
The Lab allows you to Power up and Enhance your creatures!
Using the lab will increase your Creature's stats, level and Star Rating!

Card Wars 2: Kingdom Tip #9: Fusion.
If you are struggling in battle you can fuse Cake into your stronger fighters to make them even more powerful.
Note that if you fuse a Cake of the same color as the creature you're powering up, it will grant 1.5 times the experience points.
IF you are low on Cake you can also fuse your extra Creatures into your target with the same results.

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