Chef King Cheats: 7 Newbie Tips for Cooking, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Chef King for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

1. The more points you get for your cooking, the quicker your level as a chef will increase.

2. Remember, the one with the best ingredients and recipes will be the best chef!

3. If an ingredient requires you to go through hell to get it, it will yield higher points for your cooking.

4. What's also important is your outfit, pay attention to your outfit to get higher points for your cooking.

5. Some items give your additional stats. Higher class items provide higher stats.
If you have money and materials to spare, I recommend you make additional items.

6. Even with all the level-up you achieve, you won't be able to use new equipment and recipes if you don't increase your class by taking a level test.

7. Relying on hunting for ingredients can get tiring.
You're going to need some of these items to make advanced equipment!
Ingredient shop is the place for unbelievable items that can get you higher scores for your cooking!