Crime City Tycoon Cheats: 12 Newbie Tips for Fast Money, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Crime City Tycoon for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

1. First of all you need a sum of money to buy an industry.

2. You can see the output process of industry. Click the industry, you can get extra money.

3. Gangster tycoon hates to wait! You can spend diamonds to skip the waiting time!

4. Occupy new regions, which are marked with a red flag on the main map. Click the red flag to enter the fight.

5. Enemy's attack will reduce your force. So recruit more gangsters.

6. You can buy new industry, which means that your territory will be further expanded, however it needs a lot of money.

7. What you need to do is to develop the owned industries and gain more through fight. Make more money and win more fierce fight.

8. There is a flop every five minutes. The lucky one may get a surprise.

9. Every time you come to a certain achievement. You can get a reward here. This is a good source of diamonds.

10. The risk value will increase with the increase in the number and level of industries.

11. Some events and unlocking new area will also increase the risk value.

12. Investigation: The higher the risk value is, the higher the probability of investigation. However you will not be investigated when the risk value is under 30.