Devil Breaker Cheats: 8 Best Tips for Class, Weapon, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Devil Breaker for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Devil Breaker Tip #1: Guardian.
This class is based on physical strength.
Since they are born with strong bodies, they are at the frontline and used like a dealer or a tanker.
Their attacks tend to cover large area like the breath of Dragon, and many of them have flying abilities.
They are the basis of operation for Legions.
They wear rune to enhance strength rather than wearing any armours or weapons
Weapon: Rune.
Armour: Rune.

Devil Breaker Tip #2: Archer.
Long range dealer with advanced attack power
The only physical attacker capable of taking enemy without damage
However, stamina and defense are very weak.
Therefore, protection and Cover are needed.
They can use a bow to increase their range,
Weapon: Bow.
Armour: Light equipment.

Devil Breaker Tip #3: Elementalist.
Physical ATK is middle-low, but Magic ATK is comparable to a Wizard.
With this unit, magical power of the whole Legions increases.
Since it Dispels various curses and abnormal state it is well assistant magic dealer with a big punch and he is widely used,
Weapon: Rune.
Armour: Rune.

Devil Breaker Tip #4: Defender.
Classic protection unit.
They have the highest defensive power and stamina and have the ability to weaken opponents‘ attack power.
This unit is very difficult to kill, Typical Tanker able to prevent enemy attack to allow professional dealers to attack.
Weapon: Blunt weapon.
Armour: Rune.

Devil Breaker Tip #5: Fighter.
A level of explosive damage is not as high as Warrior, but has the highest physical attack on normal attack.
He has good stamina and defensive power.
Suitable to use as the main attacking troops.
Weapon: sword.
Armour: heavy equipment.

Devil Breaker Tip #6: Knight.
The Knight is specialized in defense.
It has the highest stamina and defensive power next to the Defender.
Attack is less powerful than defense, but he has various technical skills,
With the right equipment, it can have the ultimate physical defense,
Weapon: sword.
Armour: heavy equipment.

Devil Breaker Tip #7: Wizard.
Magic dealer specialized in magic attack only.
Since stamina and defensive power are the lowest, it hangs back.
True value of wizard is the fearsome magic.
Weapon: wand.
Armour: light equipment.

Devil Breaker Tip #8: Priest.
The only HEALER class!
As it is protected by power of the strongest magic on land it has the highest magic defence among ail classes.
However, physical power is lower than the Wizard,
Weapon: wand.
Armour: light equipment.

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