Dictator: Emergence Cheats: 13 Quick Tips on How to Play, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Dictator: Emergence for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

You are the supreme dictator of a young democratic republic. Your goal is to hold on to power as long as possible.

Money is the most important resource, money, which reduces with each move

Six factions are located before you with whom you must deal: the police, the people, the oligarchs, the army, the opposition, and the mafia.

Before each move you can invite any of the factions to appear before you. Choose!

Now resolve the problem, with the appropriate faction. Choose one of two variants.
Be careful, any move you make will reflect upon your popularity with this and the other factions.

You may not invite the same faction two moves in a row. Choose any of the others.

In the store you can always refill the supply of golden Tyrants.

Mr. Dictator. Do not forget to empty out the depository in time, and it will start ļ¬lling up with money once again.

Every 5 moves you make in the game, the world best architects raise the statue up for one level.

Every day, different tasks will be placed before you, complete them and you will receive the reward of golden Tyrant.

When your popularity drops to three "X" marks, they will turn red. Try not to drop to this level, Mr. Dictator!

Over the course of 10 moves, this faction has not been in the red zone once. For this reason, they have expressed their support and respect for you. Your reputation has increased by 1 cross for all factions. The people love you!

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