Dream City: Metropolis Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Building, Collection, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Dream City: Metropolis for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Dream City: Metropolis Tip #1: Building.
A city needs to grow, and the best way to help yours grow is to construct new buildings. All sorts of houses, businesses, and civic buildings are available in the Marketplace, ready to be added to your city.
Most buildings can be purchased with coins, but you'll need Business Permits to build new businesses. Business Permits can be earned by mastering existing businesses and on some City Hall upgrades.

Dream City: Metropolis Tip #2: Manufacturing.
Order Goods from your Train Depot by tapping on it and dragging the package size of Goods that you want into an available slot. Once the unloading timer finishes, the Goods will be delivered to the loading docks in your Train Depot. Tap on the deliveries to move them to your warehouse, where they can be used to directly fill some orders from businesses.
Most orders from businesses require an assortment of Products. These can be made in your factories, using a combination of Goods and other Products. You can tap on the 'Make' button in an order to go to the factory where it's made and see what you need to make it.
Products you can make are grouped into one of six industries: Dining, Shopping, Housing, Entertainment, Services, and Technology. Your city will eventually have factories for each industry where you can make a variety of fun items for your city's businesses!

Dream City: Metropolis Tip #3: Collecting.
Collect all sorts of items from around your city to help it grow. Your Train Depot receives shipments of Goods, and your factories make all sorts of neat Products to help you fill orders from businesses. You can collect these items simply by tapping on them on the board.
You also have a chance to collect special items from your city's citizens, by tapping on them to chat as they walk around your city. Some of these special items are used to expand your city's warehouse, allowing you to store more items. Others are used to unlock new land expansions, so you can keep making your city larger. You can also collect items that allow you to unlock new slots in high-rises, where you can move mastered businesses and houses to free up more space in your city.
As your city expands, you also collect coins from your City Hall. The more 5-star businesses your city has, the more coins you can collect each day!

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