Eldrian Legacy Cheats: 7 Best Tips for Evolve, Units, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Eldrian Legacy for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Eldrian Legacy Tip #1: Energy/Gold/Diamond.
Energy/Gold/Diamond are essential elements for playing Eldrian Legacy.
For more details, please refer to the information below.

■ Energy/Gold/Diamond
- Energy : Energy necessary for entering a stage.
- Gold : Game money for Craft Equipment, Upgrade Skill, Shop, Normal Summon Stone, etc.
- Diamond : Charged money for Energy Shop, Gold Shop, Normal Shop, Summoning Altar, Secret Shop, Lucky Shop, etc.

Eldrian Legacy Tip #2: Champion synastry.
Eldrian Legacy has Champion synastry system that has variety of effects based on opponents' elements.

Damage increases if you attack with stronger element than the opponents, and damage decreases when defending against a weaker element.

Eldrian Legacy Tip #3: Obtain Units.
You may obtain Units as following.

■ How to obtain a unit
1. You can get an unit ticket or an unit on certain chapters.
2. You can get units at the Summoning Altar by using Gold or Diamond.
3. You can get soul stone through Heart Shop, Normal Shop, Guild Shop, Glory Shop, and Victory Shop in [Shop].
4. You can get soul stone of units at the Summoning Altar.

※ If you summon a Unit that you already have, Soul Stone of the unit will be given.

Eldrian Legacy Tip #4: Craft equipment.
Eldrian Legacy's Units are primarily equipping their own equipment,
and you can craft equipment to evolve the units.

Crafting equipment uses Gold and materials that can be obtained from Adventure, Dungeon, etc.

Ways to craft equipment are as follows.

■ How to Craft Equipments
[Main Screen] -> [Units] -> Select [Unit] -> select craft [Equipment]

※ If you select [Craft All], you can craft all available items for the selected unit.
※ In case you lack some materials, you can obtain the materials through [Click material] -> [Select Dungeon] -> [Enter Dungeon].
※ You are able to [Promote] once you finish crafting all equipment, and you can then craft equipment of next color grade as well as obtain a new skill.

Eldrian Legacy Tip #5: Evolve Units.
The units in Eldrian Legacy can grow through evolution process.

You need to collect Soul Stones for the character evolution,
and evolved unit will gain increased stats and synastry effects.

Way to evolve units is as follows.

■ How to Evolve Units
[Main Screen] -> [Units] -> Select evolving [Unit] -> [Evolve]

※ If you have a lack Soul Stone, you may refer to [Evolving Character] -> [Search] menu to check how to gain Soul Stones.

Eldrian Legacy Tip #6: Obtain/upgrade skills.
All units in Eldrian Legacy have different skills based on their elements.

There are 3 types of skills: active, auto-active, and passive.

You can obtain new skills based on the unit's equipment color,
and you can also upgrade each skills by using Gold and the Skill Book.

Ways to obtain/upgrade skills are as follows.

■ How to Obtain/Upgrade Skills
1) Obtain Skills
- You can learn a new skill once you finish crafting the equipments promote to a new color grade.

2) Skill Upgrade
[Main screen] -> [Units] -> Select [Unit] to upgrade skills -> [Skill Information] -> [Upgrade Skill]

※ Max. number of Skill Book is 15, and it will regenerate after7 minutes.
※ You can buy 10 Skill Books for 10 Diamonds if you touch [+] next to the Skill Book.
※ If the unit levels up, you can [Upgrade Skill] to higher level.

Eldrian Legacy Tip #7: Obtain/equip/upgrade Gem.
You can apply additional effects to equipments by equipping Gems in Eldrian Legacy.

You can get Gems from 'high normal dungeon,' or Gem Forest,
and you can upgrade Gems by using another Gem as a material.

Ways to equip/upgrade Gems are as follows.

■ How to Obtain/Upgrade Gem?
1) Equip Gem
[Main Screen] -> [Units] -> [Unit to equip Gem] -> [Gem] -> [Equip Gem] -> [Select Gem and equip]

2) Upgrade Gem
[Main Screen] -> [Units] -> Select a [Unit] equipped with Gem -> [Gem] -> Select the [Gem] that will be upgraded
-> [Select Gem material] -> [Upgrade]

※ Material Gem will disappear once you upgrade a Gem and you will not be able to restore it.
※ You can upgrade a Normal Gem to a Shining Gem by spending 100 Diamonds when the Normal Gem reaches level 10.

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