EXO RUN Cheats: Coupon Codes, 7 Best Tips, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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EXORUN for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

EXORUN Tips #1: Ranking Mode.
Ranking Mode is a game mode that you can customize your EXO characters, pets
and treasures. You can also compete scores with other EXORUN users around the
world such as same EXO club members or Facebook friends. Humongous rewards
are wailing for you. Do not fear to challenge.right now!

EXORUN Tips #2: Booster Items.
Booster items functions : relay running, health boost, XP boost depends on
situation booster items can be set automatically or manually. Booster items will
help you to get better score

EXORUN Tips #3: Ability Upgrades.
Every time you upgrade max health, candy score, bonus time duration, these
abilities’ function will increase gradually and it helps you to improve your score
higher and higher.

EXORUN Tips #4: Treasures.
Treasures are consumable items that can help as a pet in ranking mode but it will
be disappeared after Ranking Mode play.

EXORUN Tips #5: Pets.
Cute pet are helpful friends who help you to easify game play with a various specific
skills such as helath and scores upgrading in ranking mode. You can equip them by
tapping PET1 PET2 button and acquire them thanks to pet egg lottery.

EXORUN Tips #6: Leveling Up.
When you Enchant the character, his health will be increased. The evolution of the
character will give significant increase of skill performance and health. Further
more, Special costume will be arrived via GM mail as reward. You can enchant or
evolve you character after tapping + button placed bottom of character in the
ranking mode.

EXORUN Tips #7: Gold Dungeon.
To enter into Gold Dungeon, you need special item called "gold key" but even short
time play you can earn a lot of gold compare to other game mode. However,
costumes, pets, treasures, are restricted.

Coupon Codes: 

  • 100jems
  • 100emblem

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