Independence Day: Extinction Cheats: 9 Tips for Building, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Independence Day: Extinction for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Titanium Storage
Stores excess titanium on your base and in battle.
Use titanium to build and upgrade your base's resource buildings, command centers and defenses.

Plasma Storage
Stores excess plasma energy generated on your base and from battle.
Use plasma energy to upgrade and repair your squads.

Repairs your squads equipment using plasma energy.
Alien technology has allowed for rapid advancements in equipment repair.

Leader HQ
Enables the use of leaders in battle.
Upgrade the Leader HQ to discover new leader blueprints to research.

Titanium Factory
Produces titanium ore from deposits deep underground.
Upgrade the titanium factory to speed up ore production.

Plasma Harvester
Produces plasma energy from generators build by alien technology.
Upgrade the plasma harvester to speed up plasma energy production.

Tactics HQ
Enables the use of space weapons in battle.
Upgrade the Tactics HQ to discover new space weapon blueprints to research.

Construction Drone
Landing pad for construction welding drone.
Drones are limited to 1 building at a time.

Research Center
Upgrades and unlocks squads using blueprints found in battle.
Upgrade the research center to discover additional squad blueprints.