Kingdoms Mobile Cheats: 12 Tips for Building, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Kingdoms Mobile by IGG for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Dragon Altar
The Dragon Altar is the heart of the City and directly affects your City's Level.
Upgrading the altar unlocks access to higher building levels and features.

A secure storage area that can‘t be raided by enemy troops. Upgrade to increase capacity.

Wishing Well
A place of magic. Toss In a coin and make a wish! You may get a surprise!

The Portal allows you to conduct Skirmishes against players from other Worlds.
Upgrade it to reduce your Skirmishing Troops travel time.

The Stables specialize in training Cavalry. Upgrading it increases Cavalry Max Level.

Sky Tower
The Sky Tower specializes in training Flying Units, Upgrading it increases Flying Unit Max Level.

The Workshop specializes in building Siege Engines.
Upgrading it increases Siege Engine Max Level.

Training Grounds
The Training Grounds specialize in training Infantry, Upgrading It increases Infantry Max Level.

Treat your Wounded troops here.
Once they recover, they will become part of your Reinforcements.
Upgrade to Increase size.

Produces and stores Food.
Upgrade to increase production and capacity.

Produces and stores Lumber.
Upgrade to increase production and capacity.

Where you train Reinforcements for your troops. 
They're ready to fight the moment you assign them to a Hero.
Upgrade to increase the rate and number of troops.