Legends of Heropolis Cheats: 6 Best Tips for Hobbies, Personalities, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Legends of Heropolis by Kairosoft for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Legends of Heropolis.
This is a simulation game where you gather allies of justice, and fight together against an evil organization.
Defeat the evildoers and create a town along with a secret base with a little help from friends.

Legends of Heropolis Tip #1: Fortes.
Manual labor: construction speed UP.
Farming: produce growing speed UP.
Fishing: fish farming speed UP.
Mining: ore extraction speed UP.
Some accessories, and other equipment, can also improve these abilities.

Legends of Heropolis Tip #2: Personalities.
Your battle team leader's personality effects the parameters oi your heroes.
Select the personality type that matches your style.

Legends of Heropolis Tip #3: Hobbies.
Hobbies have a big effect on relationships with friends. If you invite a lot of friends, your heroes‘ hobby levels will increase, making it easier to recruit friends‘ heroes.

Legends of Heropolis Tip #4: Fields.
Fields are where you can sow any seeds you collect, and harvest crops.
You can then use these crops to manufacture products or upgrade your heromorph suits. Besides fields, there are also fish farms and mines.

Legends of Heropolis Tip #5: Buildings.
Buildings are where your heroes live, and where you can manufacture products from the materials you gather. invited friends and customers will go into buildings to buy your products.
Try and construct buildings with high recovery power.

Legends of Heropolis Tip #6: Facilities.
Having facilities such as benches and fountains in your town means that every so often, meaty chunks and gold will appear.
Tap the screen to collect these goodies. There are also facilities that boost the stats of your heroes and buildings.

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