Once Heroes Cheats: Codes & 7 Best Tips for Enhance, Evolve, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Once Heroes for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Once Heroes Tip #1: Enhance.
Enhancement is one of several ways for you to strengthen your heroes. You can Enhance your Heroes to give them higher stats. You can’t use a Hero with a rank that is two stars lower than the one that you are trying to enhance. The max enhancement is depends on the hero's grade/star. If you have a 6* hero, you can enhance them to +6, but if you have a 2* hero, you are only able to enhance them to max +2.

Once Heroes Tip #2: Awaken.
Awakening is another form of enhancing your Heroes. To awaken your Hero first select the Hero that you want to awaken and make sure you have the appropriate amount of awaken materials. The awaken materials can be found in the daily dungeon.

Once Heroes Tip #3: Evolve.
To do the evolution, you hero need to reach max level and +5. Also, you need one spare Hero that has the same grade/star. The spare Hero doesn't need to reach max level and +5.

Once Heroes Tip #4: Enchant.
You can enchant your equipment using gold. Enchanting will increase the equipment's stats. Also for every 3 level of enchantment, you equipment will gain/improve its bonus stats. Each equipment can be enhanced up to +15.

Once Heroes Tip #5: Sets.
A set equipment is a type of equipment which gives you a bonus power when equip multiple pieces of the same set. The set of each equipment (if any) will be displayed in the upper left corner of equipment icon.

Once Heroes Tip #6: Cave of Suffering.
The Cave of Suffering is a progressive dungeon that gets harder as you go down deeper in it. Each floor has different rewards and the deeper it goes, the better reward you will get.

Once Heroes Tip #7: Dimension Gate.
Enter the Dimension Gate and you will find other dungeons to enter. You can find the Daily, Secret, Demon and Event dungeons here. Each dungeon has its own boss that you will need to defeat in order to clear it.