Pocket Arcade Story Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Skills, Behavior, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Pocket Arcade Story by Kairosoft for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Pocket Arcade Story Tip #1: Gameplay.
Install game machines to attract customers increase the customers gaming skills with mixers and tournaments, and become the ultimate fighting game champion!

Pocket Arcade Story Tip #2: Customer Behavior.
Customers will gather around popular games, and the higher their skill the more money they will spend in your arcade.
Install things like vending machines and benches to get customers to stay in your arcade longer.

Pocket Arcade Story Tip #3: Customer Skills.
- Gaming
This affects how long a customer will play the games. it also effects how well they do in tournaments.
This will increase as they level up and through mixers.

- Intelligence
This affects how long a customer will play quiz or brain games.
The higher their intelligence, the longer they will play. This can be increased through seasonal events or mixers.

- Enthusiasm
This affects how long a customer will stay in your arcade. if its level is high, they will get a free continue.
This increases when a customer is in a pleasant area, or uses facilities like vending machines or benches.

- Luck
The higher a customer's luck, the more they will play token games and the longer they will play them for.

- Cost
This affects how much a customer is willing to spend on a single play of a game.
This will increase as a customer levels up or makes more friends.

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