Pokemon GO Cheats: 3 Tips on How to Get Pokemon, Items, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Pokemon GO for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Pokemon GO Tip #1: How to Challange,Claim and Defend Pokemon Gym?
Assign one of your Pokemon to an Gym to claim it for your team.
Strengthen a friendly Gym by assigning one of your Pokemon to help defend it.
Train the Pokemon at a friendly Gym to increase the Gym's Prestige and level.
Challenge a rival Gym to lower its Prestige and level.
During battle, swipe left or right to dodge attacks.

Pokemon GO Tip #2: Item Guide.

Incense with a mysterious fragrance that lures wild Pokemon to your location for 30 minutes.

Poke Ball
A device for catching wild Pokemon.
It's thrown like a ball at a Pokemon, comfortably encapsulating its target.

When you encounter Pokemon in the wild, you can use your camera to photograph them.

Egg Incubator
A device that incubates an Egg as you walk until it is ready to hatch.

Lucky Egg
A Lucky Egg that's filled with happiness! Earns double XP for 30 minutes.

Lure Module
A module that attracts Pokemon to a PokeStop for 30 minutes.
Other people around the PokeStop can also benefit from the effect.

Bag Upgrade
Increase the max number of items you can carry by 50.

Pokemon Storage Upgrade
Increase the max number of Pokemon you can carry by 50.

Pokemon GO Tip #3: Pokestop & Photo Disc.
The PokeStop will change its shape when you walk close enough. Tap it to interact with it!
Photo Disc to generate items. Tap or swipe the items to collect item.

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