Rising Warriors Cheats: Code and 8 Quick Tips for Buildings, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Rising Warriors for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Castle is the heart of your capital.
Upgrade Castle to store more resources in the vault.
You may also unlock more units and buildings.

Upgrade Observatory to explore new regions in World Map.

Wheatfield produces food.
Upgrade the Wheatfield to increase its production rate.

Marketplace produces gold.
Upgrade the Marketplace to increase its production rate.

Gunship provides supporting fire power in battle.
Upgrade Gunship to cast more powerful spells.

Warships trains and loads your attacking troops.
Upgrade warship to carry more troop into battle.

Gold Storage
Gold Storage increases your Gold storage capacity.

Food Storage
Food Storage increases your Food storage capacity.

Invitation Code
Get 100 diamonds for each friend you invite successfully to play  Rising Warriors.
Your invited friends must redeem your code before they reach level 13 to receive you rewards.

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