Rival Fire Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Stars, Squadmates, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Rival Fire by GLU for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Rival Fire Tip #1: Squadmates.
Squadmates join you in all Survival, and Campaign missions. They shoot the enemy and draw enemy fire, as if they were another player.
In terms of upgrading, Squadmates work very similarly to Guns.

They require Squadmate XP to level up.
Once they've reached their maximum level you can fuse them with another copy of them to increase their maximum level.
Just like a player, they can equip guns, and improve their armor.
Some Squadmates have special active abilities that you can use in battle by tapping their icon
If you die in Survival you can revive yourself up to 3 times. Once revived you immediately come back to life at full health.

Note: You can increase your maximum number of revivals by becoming a VIP.

Rival Fire Tip #2: Stars.
If you die and do not revive yourself, then your survival run is over and the next time you start will be form the beginning.
Stars are gotten by completing all the requirements on a level. Each level, on each difficulty mode has a maximum potential of granting you 3 stars.

More advanced levels unlock based on your total number of Stars.

Requirements on how to unlock stars are listed in the mission details
Raid tickets are  consumable items that allow a player who has already achieved 3 stars on a level to 'raid' the level. This means they receive the benefits for beating the level, without actually needing to play through it again.

Raiding costs the same amount of energy as if you were playing the level.
You gain experience points as if completing the level (60 XP points for normal, 120 for hard difficulties).
You gain drops as if completing the level.

Rival Fire Tip #3: Raid.
Raid 10 is a feature accessible to VIP Level 3 and up players. This will automatically allow you to raid the level 10 times. Saves time for players looking to grind levels for XP and item drops quickly.
How do I get Raid Tickets?

VIP - Different VIP levels grant players a certain amount of Raid Tickets for free every day.
Stores - Players may be able to, on occasion, purchase Raid Tickets in Survival/PVP Daily stores.
Daily Tasks
Epic Chance Crates
Rare Chance Crates

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