RPG Asdivine Cross Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Box Busters, Seed Surprise, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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RPG Asdivine Cross for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

RPG Asdivine Cross Tip #1: Box Busters.
Using Buster Tickets or ACP (Asdivine Cross Points), the party can obtain various weapons. Ihich can be obtained, their effects, along with their acquisition rates can be viewed on the Box Busters‘ Item List.

Normal: This can be played for a Buster Ticket.

Special: Unlike Normal, this level can be played at anytime, but costs 100 ACP. In addition, it yields better weapons than Normal.
The type of weapon desired can also be selected.

While the type of weapons that can be obtained are less powerful at the beginning of the game, as the story progresses, the strength of the lineup will greatly increase.

RPG Asdivine Cross Tip #2: Seed Surprise.
For 100 ACP, the party can get a set of up to 15 parameter-increasing seeds.
Which sets can be obtained along with their acquisition rates can be viewed on the Seed Surprise Item List.

RPG Asdivine Cross Tip #3: Twitter.
By turning Twitter on under Option, the player will receive chances in the menu, Box Busters, and the Gazillion Challenge to earn ACR

Tweeting from the Menu Screen
By tweeting from the in—game menu, the player can receive 10 ACP a day!

Tweeting from Box Busters
By tweeting the result after winning a super or ultra rare item, the player can receive 10 ACP!

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