Sand Wars Cheats: 9 Quick Tips for Building, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Sand Wars for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Sand Wars Tip #1: Castle.
You castle stocks all your resources. Upgrade it to increase your crystal and searum capacities.

Sand Wars Tip #2: Army.
Build your epic Army! Each creatures needs a certain amount of Bernits to be produced.
Once all Bernits have been used, your army is at maximum.
Send them into fierce battles in the War hound or in the Quest Tavern.

Sand Wars Tip #3: Temple of War.
Battle other players and defeat their defenses to loot epic bottles, resources and technologies for your village.
From time to time, the Dark Admiral may present you with some rare challenges.

Sand Wars Tip #4: Searum.
Searum is used in the Creature Portal to build your army.
Searum is used in the Mystery chamber to upgrade your defense towers and creature levels.

Sand Wars Tip #5: Crystal.
Crystal is used to construct buildings and defense towers.

Sand Wars Tip #6: SandSnap Game.
In the Sand Snap you can draw in the sand, win prizes, share and like other player's artistic creations!

Sand Wars Tip #7: Mystery Chamber.
The Mystery Chamber is a mystical place where you can open treasure bottles and upgrade your creatures and defense towers.
Time to search & evolve!

Sand Wars Tip #8: Rune Altar.
Use your rune stones in the Rune Altar to craft the creature scrolls and tower scrolls you're missing.

Sand Wars Tip #9: Gem Palace.
Craft and combine your gems to add various buffs and bonuses to your defense towers.

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