Sandwich OR ELSE Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Production, Sandwich, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Sandwich OR ELSE for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Sandwich OR ELSE Tip #1: Sandwich Value vs Production Rate.
Both increases your money per seconds unless you don't have atleast 1 upgrade of Production Rate.
Sandwich doesn't have repeatable upgrade unlike Production, it will give you high amount of money per second!
However for each future upgrades, the cost will be much more higher than the previous cost, making it difficult to frequently upgrade!
In Production Rate, it has a ladder of production items that are priced from lower to higher. You can still upgrade your lower cost production and make your upgrade cost ratio efficiently!
Carefully planning what to buy at Production Rate will give you more efficiency when it comes to upgrade cost ratio.
Sandwich is far the best upgrade in terms of boosting your money per second but since it costs too much after upgrading, Production Rate will help you make more money to be able to upgrade your Sandwich Value again.

Sandwich OR ELSE Tip #2: Efficient "Production Rate" Upgrade.
It is better to have a balanced upgrades for all of your Production items since it will give you the cheapest cost for it's maximum money per second!

For Example
The cost for Sandwich Cart is 50 and it gives 0.5 m/s while the cost for Deli is 500 and it gives 8.0 m/s.
If you buy 10 Sandwich Cart regardless of it's increasing upgrade cost. it will only give you 5.0 m/s with a cost of 500, same as the cost of Deli but gives more money per second.
So what you need to do is to upgrade your Deli first before you can upgrade or buy another Sandwich Cart.

It doesn't mean that you should calculate precisely when to buy such things, you can just estimate when to buy!
You can buy a Sandwich Cart that cost 50 when the Deli cost is around at 700 to 800. 700 is for estimated cost increase and maximum of 800 if you don't mind the cost increase.
The point of doing this is you can upgrade lower production items while waiting for you to buy or upgrade your next item, it will give you money per second bonus while waiting.

Sandwich OR ELSE Tip #3: Sandwich Reproduction.
Sandwich Reproduction is very important in this game!
You can earn a percentage of your production "including Sandwich Value" even with APP closed.
However you can only save those money up to a maximum of 6 hours, if you exceed in that allotted time, you will not earn more than at maximum of 6 hours.
So it is better to open the game and collect the saved money for about a maximum of 6 hours.