Slash Mobs Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Gold, Boss, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Slash Mobs for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Slash Mobs Tip #1: Defeat the BOSS.
You must defeat the Boss Before the timer runs out, or a hero will be dead.
These are the ways to defeat the BOSS:
1. Abilities
Abilities can deal high damage or it can also help by improving your character temporarily.
Some Abilities depends on your player upgrades, so abilities can be enough to kill boss instantly.
2. Skill Tree
Same as abilities but it function as a passive type of  the "abilities". It can greatly improve your player, heroes etc. permanently!
3. Player's Tap Damage
Upgrade your Player Tap Damage to increase your Damage per tap, making more easier to kill the enemy BOSS.
4. Heroes
Heroes are your allies, they deal damage without tapping the screen, they act as your passive damage dealer.
You can kill the boss without doing nothing, as long as your Heroes are upgraded well!

Slash Mobs Tip #2: Passive Gold Income.
Buy Heroes who will help you attack enemies.
You can earn gold while you're away.
This is why upgrading Heroes is most important than upgrading a Player Tap Damage!
Player Tap Damage will only help you earn more gold if you are actively tapping the screen.
However you won't be forever tapping the screen, you also need break or rest from the game.
If you upgraded your heroes well, then you can earn a lot of gold while taking a break or from the game.
Just remember, prioritize upgrading your Heroes, you can upgrade your Player's Tap Damage if you can still be active at that time to earn fast gold!

Slash Mobs Tip #3: Watch Video.
Watch a short video to receive the fairy bonus, such as gold, skills, boosts, etc.
It is recommended to watch these short videos in case you want to earn extra "gold" to be able to upgrade or "boosts" to be able to kill difficult BOSS.

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