TT: Rebirth Cheats: Redeem Codes, How to Play, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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TT: Rebirth for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

TT: Rebirth's How To Play Guide.

Do not underestimate the power of property managing your growth potential.

You can bind GP together and give them physical properties. We call these elements.

Think of the "Elements" as GP collectors. They will continue to generate GP for you without further management.

They are however, the most common building component. This means that elements will deplete as you build which in turn reduces incoming GP.

Evolving an element increases the amount of GP it generates per second!

You will be able to form a planet. They are required to house life and help it flourish.

It seems a bit overwhelming at first, but I assure you someday they will and you in connecting with the physical plane.

Redeem Codes

  1. Chronosphere100.
  2. TTRebirth.