9 Innings MLB Manager Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Management, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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9 Innings MLB Manager for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

9 Innings MLB Manager Tip #1: How to Get Cards.
- Card packs can be purchased in the Shop with either LP or Cash.
- You can receive one free pack a day by going to the Packs section of the Shop.
- Some deals have a time window and can only be purchased during that period.
- All acquired cards will be displayed in the My Cards menu.

9 Innings MLB Manager Tip #2: Upgrades.
- Upgrades can be performed in the My Cards menu.
- If you have multiple copies of the same card, you can upgrade it to a higher grade.
- There are four card grades: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.
- Limited Edition cards are special cards that can't be acquired through upgrades.
- Higher grade cards have greater multipliers. For more information about the card multiplier, check out "LIVE Point Multipliers" under the Rule Book tab.

9 Innings MLB Manager Tip #3: What is GM Mode?
- GM is a baseball management simulation mode.
- You will become a GM, recruiting players and managing all aspects of the team. Your goal will be to successfully carry the team and end the Season with good results.
- In the GM Mode, you will have access to most MLB players that have been active since the year 2000.
- You can use the LP you've earned in LIVE Mode to get AP, which is the currency used in GM Mode. The exchange can be made in the [LP EXCHANGE] tab at the [SHOP].

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