Bounty Stars Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Crews, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Bounty Stars for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Bounty Stars Tip #1: How can I level up my Crew’s abilities?
To level up a Crew Member’s ability, you must train them with a Crew Member that has the same ability as them. Please note, the abilities version-levels must match. For example, to get a skill to V3, you must fuse two crew with V2 versions of the same ability.

Bounty Stars Tip #2: Where do I get more powerful Crew Members?
The best crew are earned from Crew Recruitment, or from Unique Wormhole events. Keep an eye on the news page for upcoming Wormholes and recruitment promotions!

Bounty Stars Tip #3: What are the different types of in-game currency and how are they used?
There are three main types of currency in Bounty Stars:

Bounty Coins are earned when you hunt and capture bounties successfully. You can use these coins to purchase new ships, upgrade your ships and train and promote your crew members.
Novas are the game’s hard currency and are used to recruit new crew members via the ‘recruit crew’ feature and purchase Black Boxes. You will earn Novas during play and can purchase more via the game’s ‘store’ for real money.  
Credits are a unique currency that only applies while you are on a campaign. Each campaign awards a starting amount of credits and you will gain and spend these during the duration of your campaign. Once a campaign is lost, your credit total is reset to zero.

Bounty Stars Tip #4: How can I get more Novas?
You will earn Novas every time you rank up. Once you unlock Leagues, you’ll gain Novas for every day that you play. The higher you rise in the League, the more Novas you’ll receive. Novas are also rewarded for completing Captain’s Log entries and sometimes rewarded as Stampbook prizes. You can also buy Novas from the ‘store’ found on the main menu.

Bounty Stars Tip #5: How do I get Promotion Items for my Crew?
Once you reach level 3 you will gain access to the Event content. Each weekday a different wormhole will open allowing you to visit locations with unique rewards. Depending on the day of the week, a different Evolution Item type will drop from Crew and Ship battles.

The rotation is:

●      Monday - Implants

●      Tuesday - Comet Pieces

●      Wednesday - Star Cores

●      Thursday - Nebula Dust

●      Friday - Void Crystals

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