Bravium Cheats: 15 Quick Tips for Newbie, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Bravium for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

  1. Slow monsters attacks are powerful but can be easily dodged by moving backwards.
  2. You may retract a bit from towers to force the archers to move closer.
  3. Hero's magic skills are more effective on the armored targets.
  4. Tap the icon above HP bar to learn the effect of an action.
  5. Hero gains experience from both dealing and receiving damage.
  6. Hero cannot switch auto-attack target, until the enemy is down or out of the killing area.
  7. Shaman's magic affects monsters too.
  8. The hero increases Armour and regenerates mana or health when moving back with a shield.
  9. If you're stuck with level progression, try another combination of skills and weapons.
  10. Free chest is available every 12 hours.
  11. Hero damage increased with experience level.
  12. Magic enemies receive less damage from hero skills.
  13. The attacks on mosquitoes might be futile.
  14. Towers get only half damage from spells.
  15. Tap the diamonds dropped by monsters.

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