Broken Dawn 2 Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Plane, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Broken Dawn II for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Broken Dawn 2 Tip #1: Reload.
Reloading is important when it comes to chasing 3 stars and eliminating enemies as fast as you can.
It is recommended to reload when there is no nearby enemy yet but you need to reload only if your current ammo is below 60% capacity.
A full ammo weapon against a tough enemy is always better because it takes time when you reload a weapon.
You can also reload while using skills because you can't fire a gun while using any skills but you can reload while using skills.

Broken Dawn 2 Tip #2: 1st Skill or Dodge Skill.
The Dodge skill can help you avoid enemies attacks specially when there is a mob of enemies.
When you use a dodge skill, your character will dash forward depending on what direction is her/him facing.
However it will leave a circle mark, it will explode for about 0.3 seconds and deals decent aoe damage.
Use Dodge skill when there is a mob, don't use it when there are few enemies only because it only deals little damage compared to your basic gun attacks.

Broken Dawn 2 Tip #3: 2nd Skill.
Your second skill deals a huge amount of aoe damage. It is best when it comes to using it against mobs.
Use your second skill even if there are only 2-3 enemies, because your 2nd skill can be use again for about another 10 seconds (cooldown).
10 seconds are short enough to be used frequently, as long as you don't use it against 1 enemy only.
If you are facing a lot of enemies at any direction, it is better to lure enemy first until they are compressed to deal damage to all enemies as possible as you can.

Broken Dawn 2 Tip #4: Ultimate Skill.
Ultimate Skill is the most powerful skill that you have, it can instantly eliminate non-boss enemies. It may eliminate tough enemies depending on your BP or Battle Points.
Ultimate Skill is recommended to use only when you face a tough boss with mob enemies.
Ultimate Skill requires 100 mana, and you can get mana when you kill enemies.
So it is recommended to save your Ultimate Skill to a potential Boss with mob enemies.

Broken Dawn 2 Tip #5: Take Cover to an Ally.
You will be accompanied by an A.I Ally and it will appear around 50% progress in a single mission.
Your ally deals decent damage to weak enemies, however they don't have health or they can't be killed.
Fortunately they can be attacked by enemies and still they won't die.
You can take cover and avoid receiving damage when you use your ally as a tank to enemies.
Just lure enemies and go to your ally, you can use dodge skill to dash through your ally, so that you enemies will change target and they will target your ally instead of you.
This is very helpful when facing boss enemy, boss enemy deals high damage, so take cover to your ally to avoid receiving damage.