Brutal Age Cheats: 5 Quick Tips for Clan, Hunt, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Brutal Age for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Player can choose among five hordes(Red/Orange/Purple/Blue/Green).
Different Hordes have different specialties, check it in game.
Land of players in the same Horde will merge with each other.
Activities on Horde's land will be granted a land bonus, including marching, gathering and PvP battle.

Clans are small groups created inside each Horde.
Clan members can help each other with resource trade, rally attack, and reinforcement.

Outposts are built by players to control an area of territory on map.
Upgrade and build more outposts to expand the territory.

Land controlled by players will provide resource production for the owner.
Different terrain type will provide different resource.
The owner can perform terraforming on land to make the most use of it.

Hunt and Gathering
You can hunt wild monsters on map for resources, items and experience.
Different monsters will leave different type of resource piles when they die.
Send enough troops to gather those piles and they will return with enough resource for city building and troops training.

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