Castle Cats Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Quests, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Castle Cats for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Castle Cats Tip #1: Main Quest.
Each Main Quest gives you 1 gem, EXP and Coins.
You cannot proceed to another main quest if you can't finish the current main quest.
When you finish a main quest, it will increase it's rewards and it may increase it's level over time.
The higher the level is your quest regardless if it is main or side, the higher waiting time is needed.
It may also required more traits as the higher the level of your main quest.
It doesn't follow your Main Level (not cat's level), main quest does have seperate level thus you need to level up your main level if it is below to your current main quest level.

Castle Cats Tip #2: Side Quest.
Side Quest gives you specific rewards based on it's information.
You can get silk fiber, wool fiber and gold on side quests but with a chance only, you can see it's percentage chance though.
Getting silk fiber, wool fiber and gold is difficult since you can only produce basic items like silver, bronze and wood.
Playing side quest is a better alternative than swapping your hard earned 300 basic item in exchange of a silk fiber, wool fiber or gold.
Since main quest doesn't follow your main level, side quest does follow your main level.
Every level upgrade for cardboard quest, you will be given additional 2 side quest slot.
Your first side quest slot will be equal to your main level always, then it may decrease up to the last side quest slot.
Remember higher level quest takes more time to finish, so it is better to choose lower level side quest with either silk fiber, wool fiber and gold.
However, it is recommended to choose a side quest that can be obtain it's great chance with two of either silk fiber, wool fiber and gold regardless of it's level.
Getting silk fiber, wool fiber and gold is very important in this game. They can help you evolve your cats, get more traits, bonus stats thus it can help you finish more side quest in the future.

Castle Cats Tip #3: Common VS Rare Box.
Common Box costs 10k coins while Rare Box costs 30k. For a 30k coins, you can either have 3 Common Box or 1 Rare Box.
In a Common Box you can get 1 Common Cat with 95% chance or 1 Rare Cat with 5 % chance.
In a Rare Box you can get 1 Rare Cat with 95% chance or 1 Mythic Cat with 5 % chance.
If you are just starting it is recommend to buy 2 common box first! Additional common cats in early phase of game will help you finish more quest.
Remember we need coins to buy box thus it is very difficult to save coins if you are a low level.
When you are in a high level, avoid buying common box instead buy rare box because it is easier to save coins since higher level quest provides more coins.
Some quests especially in higher levels requires multiple traits but lesser cats slot thus lowering your chances of getting great chests.
Rare cats will help you obtain higher chances since when you evolved them, they give more stats and chances.
So it is recommended to buy 2 Common Box first and proceed to buy Rare Box as much as you can.

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