Chaos Chronicle Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Heroes, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Chaos Chronicles by NEXON for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Chaos Chronicle Tip #1: Heroes Skills.
Heroes will move forward as they attack the enemy.
You can use powerful skill attacks by pressing the character icon displayed.

Use your skills right when the circle moves underneath the enemy.
There are other skills which can be charged and have different kinds of effects.

When the targeting skill buttons are tapped, a pentacle is sent forth.
Tap the buttons again when pentacle reaches the desired area to activate their effects.

Chaos Chronicle Tip #2: Heroes.

Melee Physical Attacks.
Finishing attacks significantly decrease skill cooldown.

Ranged Physical Attacks.
Finishing attacks significantly increase its Attack Speed.

Ranged Magic attacks.
Skill cooldown decreases each time an ally uses a skill.

Melee Physical attacks.
The lower the HP, the higher the damage to enemies.

Chaos Chronicle Tip #3: Improving Heroes.
You can transfer other Heroes EXP to another character to grow them further.
Select a material Heroes, Not that material Heroes disappear once used.
It will grow stronger as its level increased.

Crest increases character stats when equipped to a vassal.
And when Heroes reach +6 Enhancement levels, you can increased their ranks or trade them for stronger heroes.
Trading requires max level, +6 Heroes of the same grade to be used as materials.

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