Chrono Heroes Cheats: 6 Best Tips for Elements, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Chrono Heroes for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Chrono Heroes Tip #1: About Elements.
Type: Elements include: ice, fire, air and lightning. Each type of elements are divided into offensive and defensive;
Function: when an element is equipped, players will gain relevant element attack and defense;
Bonus: When a hero's equipped element type is the same as the hero's element feature, there will be attack and defense attributes bonus in battle;
Rules for using Attack Elements: Each hero can equip only one type of attack elements.
For example: If the hero Golden Pegasus has equipped a air attack element, then the other 2 attack slots must be equipped with the same air elements;
Rules for using Defense Elements: The type of defense slot is fixed, so each hero can only equip the specified element in the relevant defense slot.

Chrono Heroes Tip #2: Enhancing Elements.
Elements can be enhanced by using Spirit stones and Gold. Enhanced elements can greatly improve elemental attack power/defense power.
Enhancing attack type elements requires Attack Spirit Stones, and enhancing defense type elements requires Defense Spirit Stones.
When an element is enhanced to the highest level (MAX), it cannot be enhanced further and must be evolved to an advanced element to continue enhancing.

Chrono Heroes Tip #3: Evolve Elements.
Evolving elements can increase an element's elemental damage and defense.
High level elements possess Elemental Pierce and Elemental Resistance.
Elements that have been enhanced to the highest level (MAX) can be evolved to a higher level.
Evolving elements will require Attack Spirit Stones, Defense Spirit Stones, and some Gold.

Chrono Heroes Tip #4: Convert Elements.
All elements can be convened, which will require some Diamonds.
If the newly-redeemed hero element feature and the already owned elements not the
same their can he convened.

Chrono Heroes Tip #5: Splitting Elements.
All elements can he split. After a split, players will get some Attack Spirit Stones and Defense Spirit Stones according to the current element level.

Chrono Heroes Tip #6: Instructions.
Tap on the element slot of attack/defense position to equip.
Choose an equipped element to enhance, change and remove it; Choose an element that has been enhanced to MAX to evolve it.
Enter element backpack and choose an unequipped element to enhance, convert and split it.
Element backpacks provide bulk split functions.

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