CM 17 Cheats: 4 Quick Tips for Manager, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Championship Manager 17 for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Championship Manager 17 Tip #1: Assistant Manager.
In your managerial career, you will be awarded rating points for a variety of different achievements and milestones.
The more points you earn, the higher your Manager Rating will go.
You can view how your Manager Rating compares to your friends and other CM players via the Leaderboards in the Manager suite.

Championship Manager 17 Tip #2: Offers.
Tapping a player will display their profile. If the player meets your needs, you can make an offer for him, or just add him to your shortlist.
Don't worry, if any offer is accepted, you'll be asked to confirm or cancel the transfer before it goes through.

Championship Manager 17 Tip #3: Facility.
Facility upgrades can improve revenue, wage budget, player abilities, and injury recovery times.
At this point , I recommend the YOUTH ACADEMY upgrade, which will provide quality youth players more often.

Championship Manager 17 Tip #4: Training.
There are many types of training available to improve our players: pre-match DRILLS, individual PLAYER TRAINING and TEAM TRAINING.
Focus on TEAM TRAINING, which is always active and boosts the team's match performance for the range of skills currently selected.
TEAM TRAINING requires no funds - yes, it's FREE!

The effect of team training has now been doubled for the next 6hrs.
You can tell that team training effect is doubled when the icon changes from red to green.
REMEMBER double training is FREE so don't forget to come back and keep activating it.

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