Counter Shot Cheats: 11 Quick Tips for Defense Buildings, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Counter Shot for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Cannon is the best for point defense with horrible firepower after been upgraded.
It can't target during upgrading.

Gun Turret.
Gun Turret defense longer range than cannons and forboth air and ground!

Your bases safety depends on Walls most of the time.

Heavy Mortar.
The Heavy Mortar sweep down enemies in the area.
Never let enemies get too close to it.

Hidden under earth and beware your feet!

Missile Turret.
Missile Turret takes mass destruction except for ground enemies.

Air Bomb
Air bomb lead devastating damage to air troops as well as multiple units in small range after explosion.

Laser Tower
Laser tower cast astonished area flashing destruction for all armies.

A inconspicuous landmine can lead to an enormous damage.

Watch out your feet for Thorns! Need to bui;ld a new one after triggered.

That is the energy from the thunderbolt, who would like to try it?