Dead Arena Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Classes, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Dead Arena for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Dead Arena Tip #1: Medic.

  • Heal other Players on the same team.
  • Most effective at close range.
  • Special Skill: Heal all other team members near you.

Dead Arena Tip #2: Sniper.

  • Dedicated to stealth and sniping enemies with high damage weapons.
  • Special Skill: Increase Critical chance considerably.

Dead Arena Tip #3: Tanker.

  • Can sustain large amount of incoming damage from the enemy.
  • Special Skill: Increase armor considerably.

Dead Arena Tip #4: Commando.

  • Specialize in machine guns and automatic rifles.
  • Special Skill: Double Fire rate and Movement speed.

Dead Arena Tip #5: Best Class for PVE/Missions.
Sniper is the best class when you want to beat mission easier than other classes.
What makes sniper the best class is it's fatal weapon which is sniper rifles.
They can kill enemies with one shot specially if it lands on head shot.
It doesn't matter if the tanker activate its special skill, they can be killed with a headshot.
If you can't land headshots, thats fine! If you have upgraded your sniper, then you may kill medic, sniper or even commando with one shot!
Fortunately, if you activated your Skill, which will increase your critical chance, may be you can kill any class including a tanker!
The only weakness in this class are health and armor. They are more easier to kill than the medic itself.
However you don't need health or armor if you can kill them faster than being killed. Remember sniper rifles when upgraded is very powerful.

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