Demon Warrior Cheats: Gift Code & 4 Best Tips, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Demon Warrior for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Demon Warrior Tip #1: Attacking.
Press and Hold "Attack" button to hit.
Jump and Attack Button at the same time to create your Combo.
It is recommended to use your most powerful skills first, since they have a long cooldown, they will be available as soon as possible when it comes to last few waves.

Demon Warrior Tip #2: Upgrade.
Each Equipment have their attributes. Upgrade them with jewels or coins.
Equipment are the key to become stronger! Carefully planning your equipment will make your gameplay a lot easier.
The stronger your equipment is the easier the enemies is!
Avoid upgrading weak equipment, just wait until you can get a purple equipment.
Purple equipment can be upgraded up to 30 levels. Upgrading below purple equipment aren't worth it.

Demon Warrior Tip #3: Attack Damage.
Weapons are the best equipment to upgrade because you only need attack damage.
Attack damage are important because it helps you finish stages very quickly.
Since Demon Warrior doesn't limit your playing time unlike other games that has a stamina/energy feature, you could play all you want to earn coins or jewels!
So attack damage is more important that other stats like defense/armor since you need to finish stages that are beatable to be able to get coins and jewels at fast rate.
Coins and Jewels will help you upgrade your existing weapons to be more powerful specially when it comes to dealing damage to the enemies.

Demon Warrior Tip #4: Rewards.
Watch an ad video to receive bonus such as coins and jewels.
Just login daily and you can get coins, jewels and purple equipment! Day 5 - 7 will give you purple equipment.

Gift Code:
1. jewels200.