Do U Even Tap Cheats: 6 Quick Tips for Coins, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Do U Even Tap for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Speed Tapping.
Tap the screen to lift that heavy weight!
Try using 2 or 3 fingers for speed!

Tap Strength.
The higher the number, the more powerful your tapping.

Auto Tap.
This permanent stat taps for you automatically.

Auto Earn Coin.
Coins are collected while your game is closed.
Tap the collect icon to collect your coins.
The amount of coins you earn is determined by your auto tap stat.

Heroes act like an "auto tap". They contribute to your auto stat.
You can use all 4 heroes at once, they can be leveled up for auto tap power!
Heroes also have special abilities to help you defeat the boss.
Check the gem store!

Gem Store.
Spend your hard earned gems on unique upgrades and abilities.

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