Empire Era Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Classes, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Empire Era for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Empire Era Tip #1: Warrior.
Muscle and Power!
Warrior is a melee champion with many female fans

  • Defensive Warrior: Hew will use his massive HP and armor to protect his allies.
  • Multiple Targets Warrior: He has the most powerful AoE skill, and MR.
  • Solo Warrior: He will charge to enemy backline and deal great damage.

Empire Era Tip #2: Archer.
With deep charming eyes, archer can kill target from very far.

  • Solo Marksman: He has the longest range and always target at enemy backline.
  • Row Clearer: He has a powerful row shape AoE to clean out enemies.
  • Column Clearer: He has a powerful column shape AoE to clean out enemies.

Empire Era Tip #3: Witch.
Magic, magic, magic, magic... Mage is a little girl who is always searching for fantasy magic.

  • Solo Mage: She focuses on eliminating solo enemy squad in the shortest time.
  • AoE Mage: She can do huge damage in an area.
  • Control Mage: She can stun enemies in an area.

Empire Era Tip #4: Cleric.
Cleric is also a poet, he uses words to heal the wound or make some.

  • Solo Healer: He heals solo friendly squad very fast.
  • Multiple targets Healer: He always heals the whole team.
  • Mystery Healer: He can revive friendly dead soldiers while in battle.

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