Flick Soccer 17 Cheats: 7 Best Tips for Game Modes, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Flick Soccer 17 for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Flick Soccer 17 Tip #1: Controls.
1. Touch and drag the top of the screen to aim the camera.
2. Kick the ball by flicking through it.
3. Curve the ball by flicking through it and curving your finger.
4. You can also control the ball once it's in the air. Start kicking the ball.
5. Add more bend by swiping the screen in the direction you want the ball to go.

Flick Soccer 17 Tip #2: Adverts.
You have a two options!
1. Disable ads for 10 minutes but you need to watch a single video ad.
2. Remove ads for ever for $1.49.
If you remove ads, you can still choose to watch ads for rewards.

Flick Soccer 17 Tip #3: Specialist.
Hit the target to score points and bonus targets for rewards.
How long can you survive?

Flick Soccer 17 Tip #4: Quickshot.
Score as many points as you can!
Hit the bullseye for extra time.
The longer you last, the harder it gets.

Flick Soccer 17 Tip #5: Challenge.
Shoot for Gold!
Only perfect shots will do so make each one count.

Flick Soccer 17 Tip #6: Crossbar.
Hit the crossbar for points.
Consecutive strikes will lead to huge scores!

Flick Soccer 17 Tip #7: Smash it.
Smash the Glass Panels!
Clear all five levels as fast as you can for higher scores.

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