Flyff Stomp Run Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Arena, League, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Flyff StompRun for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Flyff Stomp Run Tip #1: How do I play Stomprun.
In order to play Stomprun, players need to stomp on eggs and complete the stage faster than other to obtain victory.
In order to gain speed, Stomp accurately to gain more boost to run faster longer in order to outrun other players

Flyff Stomp Run Tip #2: What is the Overall.
Overall is the player's overall strength determined by summing up the total stats given to Character, Pet, and Artifact all together.                                                                        
Players can determine the strength of other player by checking their Overall.

Flyff Stomp Run Tip #3: I want to Power-Up my character.
In order to Power-Up characters, players require material characters.
Use the unnecessary characters gained from free summon every 24 hours to Power-Up the character.
Character can be Power-Up to level 15.
Level 15 character can be Graded-Up  

Flyff Stomp Run Tip #4: What is the Arena.
Arena is friendly match, where players can compete with their friends.
Host can invite the players in the friend-list to play the Arena.
Arena can be played with up to 4 players.
Arena is a friendly match with no penalty or rewards.

Flyff Stomp Run Tip #5: What is the League.
League is 4 player competition match that rewards players with League Point(LP).
Advance to higher League to gain more rewards

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