GOD GAMES Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Formation, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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GODGAMES by ASOBIMO INC. for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

GOD GAMES Tip #1: Gameplay.
When your Units Retreat, they will be randomly refilled from ones left in yout troops.
Try to Summon all 4 units as quickly as you can adding low cost Units.
Recover your HP by going back to your own army's portal.
Unit's Regular Attack will attack the closest enemy.
Conquer Catapults to give out damage in a fixed range.
More Battle Points can be acquired by defeating the parties with a gold crown.
More Support Points can be acquired by using range enhance and range recover skills.
Collect 1 Arc Berries to trade them with items in Krikiyo's Garden.
If you are about to be Wiped Out, take distance from enemies to summon Units.
All team members Mana will increase when your ally conquers their own Crystals.
You will acquire more Battle Points upon destroying the enemies Mana Crystal.
Your Mana will recover faster by including the same type Units in your troop.
Energy from Energy Tank will increase upon God Rank increase.
You will acquire rare energy by completing quests.

GOD GAMES Tip #2: Power Type Formation.
Gnome's Skill is effective in individual combat with sturdiness and power.
Formation concentrating on combats.

GOD GAMES Tip #3: Technical Type Formation.
Wolves speed up Skill allows early conquer of far areas.
Formation to fend off enemies to conquer no-man's area.

GOD GAMES Tip #4: Battle Support Formation.
Effective in group combats.
Helps allies with enhance and recover Skills.
Formation to maneuver various tactics by support.