Guns of Boom Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Weapons, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Guns of Boom by KEMCO for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Guns of Boom Tip #1: Automatic.
Automatic Rifles are good when it comes to Damage Per Second.
They have fast fire rate so you can continuously hit enemies with it.
They have longer range compared to shotguns. They can be used from far away you may kill an enemy.
Beware of those shotguns specially those who are near and move so fast, it is recommended to hit them continuously while at far distance when facing them.
Automatic Rifles are great in an open area location because shotgun users can't hit you and you can hit them without taking damage.

Guns of Boom Tip #2: Shotguns.
Shotguns are best when it comes to killing nearby enemies.
Automatic Rifles has better DPS than Shotguns but you can deal more high Damage Per Hit.
The higher your Damage Per Hit the higher chance you can KS "Kill Steal" from your allies.
High burst damage can also kill enemies at low health faster than Automatic Rifles.
It is easier to kill and land enemies with Headshots using shotguns compared with automatic rifles.
Shotguns are best with close area location because you can't hit far enemies with it.

Guns of Boom Tip #3: Grenade.
Grenade is the most powerful damage dealer in the game.
If you can hit the enemy with Grenade, it can deal huge damage and may hit another enemy nearby explosion.
It deals fatal damage when you can throw the grenade directly to the enemy's body, it kills instantly with 1 explosion unless he has a high armor.
Make it sure that your throw hits the enemy to fatally kills him as it explodes directly.
If your grenade didn't hit the enemy while throwing it but he is near when it explodes, it doesn't kill the enemy unless he has a low health.
Beware when throwing a grenade very near at the enemy because it may kill you leading to a suicide.

Guns of Boom Tip #4: Knife.
Knife is fatally as the Grenade it can kill an enemy with 1 hit if he doesn't have an armor.
Knife is weaker than Grenade "IF" the enemy has an armor.
Knife is a great alternative to Grenade if you can't use grenade, it doesn't cost anything unlike Grenade which cost 300 per 10 Grenades.
Although Knife is much difficult to perform than grenade but you can do "hide and surprise attack" with a Knife.
Doing hide and surprise attack is easy to perform, just hide to an obstacle or room and attack with knife when an enemy comes.
It is also effective if you are using a shotgun while being seen by an enemy player, most of the time they will chase you if you hide. Hide quickly and let them go near, they are weaker when it comes to close distance fight.
They can't also throw you a grenade because it will kill them also if you are very near. It will give them more negative score even if they killed you.

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