Justice Monsters Five Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Orbs, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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JustMon V for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

JUSTICE MONSTERS FIVE {JustMon V for short) is an action-packed pinball RPG. Collect monster orbs, enhance their stats and skills, and battle against evil in the name of.Iustice!

JustMon V Tip #1: Attacking.
Swipe horizontally across the screen to launch a curved slice shot.
The length of your swipe determines the angle of the curve.

JustMon V Tip #2: Elements.
Monsters belong to one of six elements: fire, water, earth, thunder, light, and dark.
Fire > Earth > Thunder > Water > Fire.
Attack with a strong element to deal 50% more damage. Attacking with a weak element halves damage dealt.

JustMon V Tip #3: Justice Slots.
Strike targets arranged around the battlefield to fill the tactical bar in the center.
When the bar is full, the Justice Slots will spin, activating a special effect depending on their outcome.

JustMon V Tip #4: Hero Techs.
Each monster possesses its own hero tech — a powerful attack or a curative spell
Hero techs are only available to use when a monster's blue tech bar is full.

JustMon V Tip #5: Orbs.
Orbs with lots of Luck are more likely to randomly land extremely powerful shots against enemies.
Select one orb as the leader and two others as reserves.
Drag an orb from your collection to your lineup to swap in a new orb.
Take a Monster Spin to earn new monster orbs and rare orichalcum crystals.
Duplicate monsters can also be exchanged for more orichalcum.

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