Knights Saga Cheats: 6 Best Tips for Improving, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Knights Saga for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Knights Saga Tip #1: Rules of Guilt.
1. Each player killed in Peace Mode increases 80 guilty points (Does not apply in Neutral Zone or Event Map).
2. When guilt >100, your name will turn red.
3. Red-name player can't switch to peace mode.
4. Red name player killed in non-event time will lose 0.5 million EXP and 25 guilty points.
5. Being online or using morality tokens reduces guilty points.
6. During the national war, the nation borders and the main cities will change to PK mode.
7. In Escort the Bogie, The King's Trial, Treasure Raider and National Treasure the system will select nation PK mode. You can change to guild PK mode manually.

Knights Saga Tip #2: Grade II Skill.
After releasing grade I skill, there will be 2s.
Button of the skill will flash and turn to grade ll button.
Tap to release grade ll skills.
Releasing grade ll skill at an opportune moment can maximize its function Power Advantage.

Knights Saga Tip #3: Partner.
1. Partners not only provide bonus to your stats, but also use skills to help you in battle.
2. Only partners sent to battle can provide bonus and use skills.
3. Partners have different stats and skills. Balance your partners and optimize your party.
4. To activate a partner, you will need his soulstone.
5. For each 1 star increase, partners get LVs and 10% cultivation growth rate.
6. Each player can dispatch up to 3 partners.

Knights Saga Tip #4: Inherit.
1. By inheriting, a partner's EXP and LV are fully transferred to another partner.
2. EXP can only be transferred from the partner with the higher LV to one with the lower LV 3. inheritance uses gold.

Knights Saga Tip #5: Eggs.
1. Players can smash eggs for partner trial points.
The first smash is free while the remaining smashes cost certain diamonds.
2. Each player has 3 chances of smashing eggs and the chances reset at 00:00 daily.

Knights Saga Tip #6: Enhance.
1. Enhancement increases the stats of your equipment.
2. When an equipment is removed, it does not need to be enhanced again.
3. It costs gold and enhance stones to enhance.
4. Each enhance has a chance to succeed while using Luck Charm has a 100% chance to succeed
5. When a full set of equipment has reached the enhancement goal, extra stats will be activated.

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